What can I expect from my first class?

During the first class your teacher will encourage you to speak about you, your family, your hobbies and your job, among other topics, in different verb tenses. That way your tutor will be able to determine your level of Spanish and give you a free skill level assessment. After the conversation, your tutor will point out some grammar mistakes you may have made and work on them with you, we guarantee that you will leave the class having improved and learned something new. If you are a complete beginner, the dynamics are a little different, instead of focusing the class on your ability to speak, you will receive a full hour of Spanish immersion for only $19.

What happens after the first class?

After the first class, our team will get in touch with you to see what you thought about the lesson. If you decide that you want to keep studying with us, you just need to let us know how many classes you’d like to buy and we’ll send an online invoice, just like we did for the first class. The more classes you buy, the more benefits you get. Here’s a list of our perks

Where are classes held?

All of our classes are held at Simple Spanish main office on 1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW on the 10th floor. Sometimes our tutors will meet their students at cozy cafes or libraries around Dupont Circle area. If you have a special request, let us know! we’ll try to accommodate your needs as much as we can.

How often do I have to take classes?

You can take classes as often as you wish. We understand that life can get busy at times and we don’t want you to stress about your Spanish lessons. Some students like booking their classes in advance, some others email their teacher week by week whenever they find a spare hour in their calendars. We think flexibility is huge and that’s why our students love coming to class so much.

How can I pay?

You can pay with cash, check or online. If you decide to pay online, we’ll send you an invoice through quickbooks and notify you when we get the payment. All payments must be done 48 hours before the scheduled class.

How many classes do I have to buy?

You can buy as many or as few as you want. You can pay classes on a one on one basis or packages. However, prices and benefits will vary depending on the amount of classes you buy. Take a look at our price chart here!

What does "Free Workshops" mean?

Simple Spanish offers free workshops for those students who buy packages of 8 classes or more. Workshops are fun activities where we teach Spanish in a different way! Join us for cooking sessions, book club, fotography classes, salsa and flamenco dance and much more!

What happens if I cancel my class?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your lesson you have up to 24 hours before your scheduled class to let us know, in the event of a last minute cancellation or no show the missed class will be charged. Here’s more info regarding our policies.

What happens if my tutor cancels our class?

In the event that your tutor needs to cancel your class and you don’t want to miss your lesson we’ll provide you with another tutor. If we can’t find anybody available, you won’t be charged for the next lesson you cancel with less than 24 hours in advanced.

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